February 4, 2011

Roses and thorns

What a week.

My university resumed classes yesterday, the only one in the city to do so. The campus was shoveled a little but there was an awful lot of climbing over giant mountains of snow to get from one place to another - it had me feeling pretty grateful for being faculty and not a student, for only having to go from my office to one other building.

climb over to get to the bus
(This is a bus stop. You need to climb over the two foot pile to get on the bus.)

I had about half my students attend class, which is understandable but still frustrating - I presented new information that most of the kids who had showed up found a little tricky. Hopefully today more students come back for continued explanations and even more new information before their busy week next week of oral presentations and another exam on Friday - it's tough, but unfortunately, the show must go on.

about 18 inches wide
(A path about a foot and a half wide to get from the "sidewalk" to the gym.)

Because of the storm, I missed two days at the gym, but I was right back last night for my Thursday run and weight training. It felt really good to move again after spending most of Wednesday curled up on the couch grading compositions.

This morning, I weighed in at 242 - a one pound loss for the week. I'm feeling neutral about it - I saw 244 almost all week and it caused an unnecessary amount of stress. I did a lot of research on how to work through plateaus on Wednesday and Thursday, and when I sat back and really thought about how I've been doing lately, a small loss makes sense. I'm staying active - very active - but my food hasn't been very balanced. Even though my calories have been within my goal range, I have been eating more carbs than I usually do, while somewhat neglecting protein. (I blame the food processor - but darn, that homemade hummus is so good!) So my goal for this next week is to continue to mix things up.

How was your week?


Life as a Caterpillar said...

You're doing great Mary. You and i are almost the same weight. I have a feeling I won't be able to stop myself from doing a little mental race to see if i can keep up with your losses. Should we do something in the spirit of friendly competition?

Amy said...

We didn't get nearly as much snow as you but our snowbanks are also pretty high, I went into Ottawa yesterday and went to StatsCanada to participate in a study (wohoo study money) and I had to lunge over the snowbanks. Thank goodness for my knock-off Sorels.

It took me forever to clean off the foot of snow on my car. I was covered lol.

I am actually surprised you haven't hit a plateau yet, since you've been solidly pulling pretty high numbers since you begun, so I'm glad you're not beating yourself up about it too much and altering your game plan!

My week has been slightly lazy for the gym - so I'm hoping to make up for it this weekend!

Amy said...

Also... not sure if you read Michelle's new blog - I know you read her last one because you knew about the Exposed movement - but she wrote a really great post last night I thought you might like!

Jenn @ watchmybuttshrinking.com said...

This weather is so freakin' annoying!!! My driveway is like an ice rink, which makes packing 3 kids into the car pretty interesting.
You're doing great, and if you lost 1 pound, then you're not on a plateau!

TMLfans.ca said...

I often have issues getting enough protein as well. Good job on the loss this week! Cheers, Rick

Anonymous said...

Part of me is jealous of all the snow, and part of me is happy that I don't have to deal with it! It NEVER snows in New Orleans, like ever. When it has it was a light dusting that turned to slush shortly after hitting the ground, which made for a mess.

1 pound is still good, and that hummus sounds good too! Mmmm

Shannon said...

We live in the Chicago suburbs and we have alot of snow, too! I'm so over it all - spring can't get here quick enough! Anyway, good job on the one pound loss. Have a good weekend.

Big Clyde said...

A loss is a loss, as they say! Enjoy the success and head confidently into next week.

(I like the snow-path picture!)

Tim said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow!! I love how the snow is instantly cleared from the road in the US. I wish it was the same over here!!