January 3, 2011

WWW: Week One

My picture for the week:

un be flippin lievable
About to finish my first 5k - I know I just posted this yesterday, but I just love it so much!

What are your ten goals for the WWW challenge?
Why did you choose them?

I already posted about this a few weeks ago, but in short, here's my list:
1. Achieve my 100 pound weight loss.
2. Train for the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle Chicago 8k on 4/10/11.
3. Begin looking for jobs (try to apply for at least one).
4. Be an amazing teacher.
5. Complete two of my 101-in-1001 goals.
6. Visit three museums on their Free Days.
7. Spend 1/4 of my tax return on new clothes.
8. Make art.
9. Do something every week to make me feel gorgeous.
10. Go to the opera.
Are you making a New Year's Resolution beyond the WWW challenge?
No traditional resolutions, but plenty of things on my to-do list. I have a lot of ideas for 2011. My WWW goals will help me get through the first part of the year; when I get to the end, I'll make a new plan.

What does this challenge mean to you?
I love challenges - I find that they really help keep me focused. I tend to do better with goals when they're planned for smaller, more manageable periods of time.

What did you do when the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve?
I was watching the Family Guy version of Star Wars IV with my brother and sister. Nerdy, yes. But delightful.


Jessica said...

Love all your goals :)

Amy said...

I love that picture too - and I imagine there will be many many more where that came from!!

Anonymous said...

Great photo! I just ran my first 5k last September. I'm planning to run another one this upcoming summer!

Good luck with your goals!

Anne H said...

Here's to going to the Opera.
Which one? Or did I already ask?

Jess said...

Great goals! I love your positive pic! I am working on running my first 5k in the spring! Can not wait! http://projectgetthin.blogspot.com/

Retta said...

I REALLY like the healthy variety in your goals.

Have you made any art yet?? I invite you join me and Anne H on Toon Tuesdays if you do. She actually does it more often than I do. But it's casual and fun.


Anonymous said...

Love the variety in your goals - from losing weight to having fun! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome picture! GO YOU!! I'd love to do a 5K.

Good luck on all your goals!

Anonymous said...

It is a fabulous photo! You have terrific goals!

Tim said...

Good luck with your goals!!

I had the opportunity to go to the opera in Venice a few years back but decided not to. I kinda wish I went now!! D'oh!