January 19, 2011


I am not a morning person. I used to be, when I was a kid. (My sister Lisa was not one then, and she is not one now.)

But now, I am deeply in love with sleeping in. I'm not grouchy when I wake up, and I would much rather teach morning classes than afternoon ones what was up with my hair - yikes(the morning kids tend to be a bit more motivated, at least most of the time!). But no matter how much I love my job or how hopeful I may be about what the day holds, I still hit the snooze button multiple times every morning. I have seven or eight alarms set on my phone for the morning that go off every five or ten minutes for an hour and a half. I wish I were kidding.

When I first started losing weight, I jokingly told some friends that sleeping was my favorite exercise - and even now, it's still right up there with running. As a full-time grad student and part-time teacher, a ridiculous number of precious sleep hours were sacrificed during the past two years in favor of paper writing, novel reading, lesson planning, and exam/composition grading marathons. Now I teach full-time, and even the tough weeks are still less work than being a student - and my nightly eight hours take absolute top priority. Grading pop quizzes can almost always wait.

Yesterday morning, my friend Lorelei (with whom I am running the 8k in April) and I were discussing the Resolutioners at the university gym, and she suggested that it might be less busy in the mornings - we could head there before heading to the office! She's definitely a morning person, but I don't know if that schedule would work for me. Working out fills me with adrenaline, but afterwards, I like to go home and decompress a bit. I'm not sure I would be able to head to the office and then teach for several hours.

What about you? Are you a morning person? Do you prefer morning, afternoon, evening workouts? (There was a 24-hour gym near where I went to college, and it was suprisingly busy at 2-3am when my friends and I went from time to time...)


Anonymous said...

I like working out in the morning to get it out of the way. However, I would not get up extra early just to workout (although I have done that in the past). Since I am a SAHM, I have the luxury of organizing my day the way I want to, notwithstanding third-party commitments. So I usually like to get the exercise out of the way before lunch. When I have to, I will run at night, but it's not my preference. I am more of a morning person than I used to be, probably from 9 years of early-rising children in my house.

Amy said...

I am soooo far from a morning person. I actually have been enjoying one part of working from home... that I can snooze until 8:55am. My alarm went off at 8:10am this morning and I didn't get out of bed until 8:55.

I am the queen of snooze... and every single time I plan to get up and get a workout in before I start my day my morning self decides otherwise and snoozes my life away.

The only thing that pops me out of bed early is when I have company and they are up early... and then I have zero issue getting up.

Jessica said...

Hitting the gym for me is really hard in the morning mostly because of all the planning it involves ( I can't go back home before work...just too much driving, so I have to take everything I need and shower/dress at the gym for work). But I have been getting up a few mornings a week to get my Wii exercise in for the WWW. I have enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

My work schedule is 9 to 5. I wake up every morning at 6:00 and head out to get my workout in. I workout for half an hour doing circuit training at Curves and come home to do another half hour to 45 minutes of cardio. After all that I take a shower and get ready for the day. I've added in a lunchtime workout where I walk around the Superdome (which is right across from my office) for about 30 minutes. In the evenings, before dinner, if the weather is nice I'll ride my bike, but if I stay indoors, I'll do a workout dvd or do absolutely nothing since I've already worked out twice. Working out in the morning gives me energy and it's that feeling of "it's over and done with, what else can I do today?"

Maude said...

I actually like working out in the morning (once I get to the gym), but I usually work out in the evening. I got into the habit because it kept me from bingeing at night when I had too much time on my hands. I'd go home from work and eat until I went to bed. Now I get home from the gym, make dinner, eat, and there's only an hour or two before I'm off to bed.

Shannon said...

Hi. I'm new to your blog, and I'm enjoying reading through it! I am NOT a morning person, at all! I'm just starting on my weight loss journey - 7 pounds gone so far - and I'm still trying to figure out the best time to get my work out in. I feel like getting it over with in the morning would be ideal, but I'm having a hard time getting my butt out of bed!

Life as a Caterpillar said...

I wish i could work out in the mornings, but i have enough bother getting my daughter out to school. I hate mornings with a vengence; i don't hit snooze, but when that alarm says 7am, i mostly say 'oh fuck off'. Honestly, a friend who once shared a room with me for a while told me i say it every morning to the alarm.
I really don't 'wake up' til about 3 hrs after i get up, but i would very much like to get the chance to go to the gym first thing, to see if it gets me going quicker. I do get most of my housework done in the morning, (a fact which amused my new housemate endlessly the first morning he saw me go through my routine) which tells me i might perhaps have more energy in the morning?

I say go for it Mary if you get the chance



Tim said...

I like sleeping but this might sound weird but I don't really like the idea of going to sleep. I go to bed late and get up early. I hate the idea that I have to go to bed. I try and delay it as long as possible. When I am in bed, I read all the news apps on my iphone, play the odd game of scrabble until I end up having to force myself to shut my eyes because I know I have to get at least some sleep before work. I then get up early and usually get up as soon as my first alarm goes off.