December 4, 2010

New clothes

I had originally planned on writing about running today, but last night I had an amazing NSV that I simply could not wait to share!

Yesterday was the last day of teaching for the semester, so to celebrate, I went downtown to do a little shopping. I always feel a little guilty buying myself things, especially right before Christmas, but I need some new clothes desperately. I could also justify this trip because it was to be paid for with birthday money - my friend Lorelei gave me a $25 Visa gift card for my birthday since she knows I've lost a ton of weight and I really need some clothes that fit.

Confession: I'm still wearing all my clothes from 79 pounds ago.

It's not so much emotional attachment as an attempt at frugality, I suppose. It's just hard to justify buying new things when I know the weight is falling off and none of the new clothes will fit in a few months.

I decided to go to Old Navy and look around - with all their holiday sales, $25 would go pretty far! When I walked in, my 345-pound-Mary instincts kicked in, and I headed right for jewelry and winter scarves. I've always wanted to shop at Old Navy, and while they do offer plus sizes, they only sell them online, not in stores. So whenever I am in there with family or friends, I usually pretend to be completely fascinated by shiny necklace and earring sets or holiday socks so I have something to do.

I drifted away from that stuff, and headed towards the actual clothing. There were so many cute tops! And sweaters! And coats! I headed over towards the jeans and decided to try on a pair, just to see how much more work I needed to do to get into them. Katie asked me the other day what size I am wearing these days, and I admitted that I honestly had no idea since besides a pair of track pants for running, I haven't bought any new clothes. So I grabbed the biggest size they sell - 20 - and headed for the fitting room.

sobfest 2k10, but worth it
This is me, in an Old Navy dressing room, wearing size 20 jeans. They fit over my calves. They fit over my thighs. And they button - without having to suck in or anything. No muffin top!

Not going to lie, I cried a little. I've never owned pants from Old Navy before - ever. The only bottoms I ever owned from Old Navy was a skort I had in eighth grade ... ten years ago. That was a 20, also, and it was tight when I bought it. These jeans are made of that stretchy denim, and it feels like I maybe could have bought 18s. Un. Be. Stinkin'. Lievable!

Needless to say, it took an awful lot for me to not sleep in the jeans last night; I wonder how many calories I burned doing a happy dance. It's so amazing, and yet at the same time, totally unreal to me. I mean, 79 pounds is an awful lot, so I knew I wouldn't be wearing the same size pants as I was in July. But somehow, I still find myself completely blown away by this. I can buy pants at a normal store!!!


Ann (-50 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

THAT is the BEST post to wake up to on a Saturday morning! A hardy CONGRATULATIONS, because really, this is one of the most awesome NSVs of the season!

You've worked HARD to drop almost 80 lbs., and you're still going strong!!

Enjoy those jeans - for ALL of us - and just think how the size 18s will feel after the holidays (hey, you ARE still losing ...)

I was so tickled to read this post this morning. It put a smile on my face.

Happy dances, by the way, have been known to drop people down an entire size, depending on the intensity of the celebratory dance. Hehehe


Casey said...

I almost cried with you there!
Wow! Great! I'm so proud of you!

Jessica said...

Woohoo for new clothes :) And I bet you felt "drop dead gorgeous" in them :)

Maude said...

Congratulations! Jeans are tough! And it's such a great feeling when you can go in and just buy stuff of the rack. Good for you!

Tim said...

Congratulations! I always find these moments are the best moments when losing weight.

I had one of these moments today. I tried on an x-large jumper and a large jumper and I actually thought the large was a better fit.

I think I stared at myself in the mirror for about 10 minutes before realising that there was a big queue outside for the changing rooms and I only had a jumper to try on. Oops!!

Unfortunately it also puts us in a difficult situation because, like you said, you've got to work out if it's worth paying a lot of money when you know the clothes will end up being too big. Personally if it makes me happy then I don't care how much it costs.

Life as a Caterpillar said...

What a wonderful NSV!! I am so happy for you. I have so far bought one new thing, the dress i am about to wear tonight, and it took 5 trips to the store to find one that fitted me so i am so so so so so excited that you just walked right in there and got something off the hanger!

Your shoulders look really tiny btw. This is a very cute photo!!

So happy for you

Anonymous said...

I too felt guilty! Over the Thanksgiving holiday while my mom was in town we went shopping and she purchased some clothes from me from Lane Bryant which as you may know is EXPENSIVE. I purchased size 18 shirts when I was wearing the 26/28s before. I bought jeans from Target for $29.99 and I got them in a size 22 and after I got them home, took off the tags and wore them, my friends made fun of me saying my pants are too big...I should've bought smaller pants! But the big Shannon still doesn't recognize the not-as-big Shannon and I still purchase the bigger clothes thinking "these will fit!" And they don't.

I was happy about new clothes but the happiness faded when I realized that in 2 months, these clothes will be too big. All that money, for what? Well, at the very least, you need to look stylish at any size so when they get to big, I'll donate them to friends that can wear them.

Great Job!! One proud friend here!

Anonymous said...

Yippee Skippee Happy Dancing! I totally teared up reading that. So awesome :)

Anne H said...

I cried with ya!
Happy tears!

SheZug said...

That is awesome! I too am someone who would love to buy clothes at Old Navy, but can't.

Amy said...

Awww Congratulations! I know this is such a huge deal for you and I'm sooooo happy for you! Before you know it you'll be wearing the single digit jeans :)

Unknown said...

You look LOVELY and totally rock that outfit! You'd better be careful because you are headed towards always wanting to clothes shop! lol Happy break to you, by the way....hope the time off gets your creative juices flowing so you can post some of your art (hint-hint)

jayme @ Losing Half My Weight said...


mary, that's awesome!! you look great! and rock those jeans!

and girl, how in the world are you still wearing your 80+ lb. clothes? 30lbs in and even a belt couldn't keep my jeans up. you don't have to go crazy with every size you lose, but i challenge you (a new year's resolution, perhaps?) to always have at least 2-3 tops and a couple pair of trousers that fit you properly in whatever size you're wearing at the time. it'll make it easier when you hit goal weight (i'm thinking of tara's trauma of going shopping).

adopt this new you now, as you go. you've worked too hard not to.

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!! I was cracking up when you said you were thinking of sleeping in them. Hey if it feels good then why not, you may be a little uncomfortable though :P

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're wearing the same clothes, but good for you!! It's very expensive to replace your wardrobe at every size. But I feel that once you get a taste of wearing the smaller clothes, clothes that fit, you'll want to buy more and more. Great job! Keep up the good work!