December 5, 2010

Drop dead gorgeous

My positive sign for the week:

i love this face!
This is the time of the year where I get crazy with stress, and the littlest things can set me off. So I'm trying to focus on positives as much as I possibly can. This week, it was buying new pants, which was awesome threefold:

1 - They are smaller than the last pair I've bought.
2 - In fact, they're smaller than any pair I've bought in the last decade.
3 - I've never bought jeans "down" before - I've always needed to buy bigger, never smaller.

I put the receipt and size tags in my shoebox along with all my race bibs and timing chips - this is something to remember!

Challenge start weight: 332
Current weight: 266

Of the 79 pounds I have lost, 66 have been during this challenge!

Progress on my DDGbG goals: My new recipe this week was, unfortunately, not a healthy one - I made toffee for my co-workers for Christmas gifts. It was pretty easy to make, and it's really lovely - I'm not going to post a picture here, though - this season is hard enough to get through without having to see sugary treats all over someone's healthy living blog! I didn't eat any, which was good - I wore my new jeans while making it to ensure that I stuck to my plan!

ONE thing that you are proud of for the week: Finishing the semester in one piece! Well, I'm done with teaching, at least. This week will be full of grading, but once I am done, I get a couple weeks of vacation! And I am *so* ready for it.

ONE thing that you can improve upon for the following week:Finishing my Winter Holiday Survival Guide - a project I've been compiling to bring home to Connecticut to help me stay focused and maintain success while still enjoying my family's company and the holiday.


financecupcake said...

Woohoo!!! The pants victory is an awesome one! That's awesome you get a nice break from work. :) Will you be sharing your survival guide here? Neat idea! I can't wait to read about your success in Connecticut. Great post title - you are drop-dead gorgeous. :)

Shannie (akaSolidice242) said...

Great Message. You are doing incredible! Continue to celebrate your victories!

Big Clyde said...

Nice pic and great slogan! Congrats on the new size and your accomplishments so far! Keep it up!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sparing the photo of all that yummy goodness. I would have loved to have seen it, but in all honesty, I've been to several blogs today that are posting pics of their holiday baking and it's starting to make me itch to get to the kitchen and do a little baking of my own (which I don't even need to do right now). Love your new message, too!

Jessica said...

Good job! Is this our last week of DDG?