November 19, 2010

Roses and thorns

My birthday is tomorrow!!! Want to do something quick and fun to help me out? Then you should help with my birthday blog post! Details at the bottom of this linked page! Thank you! ♥
I usually close my roses and thorns entry with my weigh-in information, so this time, I will lead off with it. I'm down three pounds this week, and I am very happy with that, especially considering I had seen a gain earlier in the week. I barely exercised (or even moved) all last weekend, and my sad attitude had me snacking out of boredom instead of hunger. Not the way I want to be anymore!

But I pulled it together and I am ending up in a good place. A three pound loss for the records, putting me at 273. Which means I also hit two landmarks this week: over 70 pounds lost, and reaching my fifth goal (275). I'll take it!

I had a lot of really great moments this week that made up for the unsavory ones last weekend. For example, teaching went really well this week. The students are registering for classes for next semester, and my three courses are the level after two of the classes I am teaching this semester, so a lot of my students have enrolled to have me again in the spring. In fact, my three classes make up half of the sections being offered at this level - the other three are only half enrolled or less, but my three sections are completely full. It's such a great feeling to know that they enjoy my class enough to want to spend another sixteen weeks with me!

But still, to try and regulate the numbers, I asked some of my students yesterday to consider signing up for the other sections. I admitted to them that the other three teachers were much better at speaking French than I am. And then, one of my students gave me the best compliment ever: "Mademoiselle, it's not just about that. The best musicians aren't always the best singers. You've got stage presence!" Even now, I'm grinning just thinking about it. I absolutely love my job, and these are the kind of moments that make the tough days worth it!

I got a package from my family for my birthday (and Halloween - they're a little slow with mailing things!). The birthday cards need to wait until tomorrow, but my brother wrote me the greatest Halloween letter and sent only two treats because I am losing weight and he is so proud of me - some Charlie Brown cocoa mix (we both love Charlie Brown!) and a packet of Pop Rocks. I miss him *so* much - I can't wait to see him soon and give him the biggest hug ever!

And speaking of seeing my family, I got paid this week, so I bought my ticket for going back to Connecticut for Christmas. A huge NSV for me: I'm flying home! I'm really looking forward to a two hour flight instead of a 24-hour train ride. That's exciting enough, but I also found a 5k race in another shoreline town on New Years Day, so I registered for it! And I'm going to run!

I had originally planned for my first 5k run to be the Disney Royal Family 5k in the end of February. But my reasons for changing my mind on this were many. First, knowing I have a January 1st goal of running 3.1 miles means that while I am in CT, I am going to HAVE TO stick to eating well and running/exercising regularly - so in registering, I have bought myself a little insurance. Second, if I ran in Florida, it would be nice, but I would be alone. Racing in Connecticut means my family will be there to cheer me on, and that means so much to me. While it's no Epcot, I do so love the Connecticut shoreline, so running along the harbor and around the historical green will be totally meaningful still. And third, the race at Disney would be a very big expense (flight, hotel, race entry, etc.) for one night alone. I can take the money I save and finally buy a new pair of glasses, since mine have been held together with Crazy Glue for about a year now! (Maybe I'll even get some cute fancy ones to go with my new slimmer face!)

I keep a small notebook next to my bed for thoughts I get in the middle of the night or upon waking - they don't always make sense when I go back and read them again, but usually the thoughts are very honest and untainted by my chronic overthinking of things. The morning after I had registered for the race in Connecticut, this was my waking thought - I'm not sure if "reappropriating" is the right word, but it was my first thought of the morning! Maybe "readjusting" would be better. In any case, I wholeheartedly believe it. I'm not sad or upset about my first run being in Connecticut instead of Florida - in fact, just the opposite. This is perfect for what I need in my life right now, and that's what matters.


Anne H said...

I took the $$ I was spending on junk and went on vacation!!
$5 a day really adds up!
You are a real talent - very creative!

Tim said...

It's going to be great to have your support of your family behind you on your first 5k run. That will definitely keep you going!

Amy said...

What a great idea - I feel like I am always "reappropriating" my money in my head and finding a better way to do things... probably why I've also changed my plan a billion times.

That's so exciting to have booked your flight home! I can't imagine a 24 train ride!! Your little brother is so cute! :)