October 1, 2010

Roses and thorns

First and foremost, I can't thank you all enough for your comments and your support after yesterday's post. It really means an awful lot to me, and I'm so happy to know I have such an amazing, supportive community here.

This was a really challenging week. I haven't had a week this tough since the beginning, when I was first getting used to eating well and exercising. Of course, those were different challenges. This week was more emotionally difficult. There was that jerk from Wednesday night, but also, I cried a lot for seemingly no reason. Example: I don't get cable, but I read about the new show "Mike and Molly" on CBS and decided to check it out online. Sobbed almost the entire time. It might just have been period-related hormonally-charged hypersensitivity, but still, it was a lot to deal with.

In spite of the thorns, I managed to have a really successful week. I worked out a lot, ate well, drank lots of water, and started taking a multivitamin. And in the end, I lost six pounds ... which means I have officially met my second weight loss goal. I now weigh less than I did in June 2004 when I had my college entrance physical! I'm down a total of 43 pounds, about 12.5% of my starting weight. I'm only three pounds away from dropping the "3" out front, and that thrills me. I hope my October challenges (The Power of Ten and the 10/10/10 stairathon) will help get me there!

Also, an amazing rose for this week: my kid brother told me that he wrote me a letter in school and then he mailed it to me. (He's 9 and in fourth grade.) It was just what I needed to find on Tuesday. An excerpt:

thanks daniel fatrick

A-stinkin'-dorable. I miss that kid so much.


Jessica said...

Love the note from your brother :) I am wearing a pedometer today to count my steps. I may have to invest in a new one. This is a cheap one that I got at a 5k, but it will work for now :)

Joy said...

Cutest letter ever!!!! LOVE IT!!

Congrats on the weight loss and making your goal. That is awesome!!!

Keep up the great work!!


Amy said...

Ohhh MMMM GEEE what a cute letter!!!

I've been watching Mike & Molly too, and I definitely have mixed feelings about it.... you might find this to be an interesting article: http://www.blogher.com/mike-molly-are-so-fat-how-fat-and-funny-are-they

Have you come up with a phrase for dropping into the 2's? You're running out of time! :)

Josie said...

OMG that letter is the definition of cute. Have you framed it yet?? :) Congrats on the loss. You are are making great progress.

Retta said...

Such a tough week, I'm sorry about that jerk. But were victorious anyway... you have a lot to feel proud about.
And that letter... it couldn't have been any cuter. :-)