October 4, 2010


This is going to be a huge week for me, for a few reasons.

First, after work on Friday, I have to head to Midway Airport to pick up my little sister Katie, who will be visiting me for the weekend. this is going to be EPICIt was surprise trip I planned for her, a Friday night to Tuesday morning long-weekend getaway that includes two practically front row seats for Monday night's Belle and Sebastian concert at the Chicago Theater. I had planned the trip before planning my stairathon challenge, but as luck would have it, Katie will also be here for that, and I'm so excited - and glad that she'll be there cheering me on!

And second, as long as I stay on track, I should finally get under 300 pounds for the first time in two years. This is unbelievable and also totally exciting. I've been working incredibly hard and it feels amazing to know that I still have so much more fight in me!

These two events seem unrelated, but there's a lot more in common than it may appear. The last time I was under 300 pounds was October 2008, and my healthy eating and exercise routines abruptly stopped when Katie came out here for a long weekend to visit colleges. I had been doing well, I was going to the gym every day and I had dropped from 324 to 297, but the weekend with Kate was full of inactivity ... and brunch. october 2008 outside - where else? - MSIAfter she left, it felt impossible to regain momentum, and by the end of grad school this past May, I had gained it all back (plus an additional 21 pounds).

It isn't fair to blame it on Katie's visit. It wasn't her visiting that was the problem, but her visiting, if that makes sense. I was on a very strict diet and denied myself practically everything, but when Katie was in town, I said yes to everything. I was also going to the gym for about an hour and a half every day, but when you have a guest in town, it's really difficult to find time for all the things you want and need to do. Priority was given to visiting college campuses, hours on public transit, and then relaxing and hanging out with my little sister. When she left, I had to catch up on schoolwork and lesson planning and grading. It was overwhelming, and I had to put school before exercise. Then school got even busier - I would always try to get back going to the gym, but I would get to go maybe one or two times before I had to refocus on getting caught up with school.

I'm a little nervous about this week's visit, but I also feel very strong and much more prepared than last time - I know that I am in control and that I can handle this. Dropping out of the three's is a huge motivator - it has taken so much hard work to get here, and I'm doing so well, so I don't want any setbacks. i've pretty much mastered basic step aerobicsMy eating habits are not insanely strict like they were the last time - I enjoy food and I make healthy choices, and I know that "failure" is not determined by the events of one meal (or even one day).

So, my plan of attack for this weekend: (1) Since I have the Wii Fit now, I can wake up early and do some exercise before we even start our day. Without the commute to and from the gym, I'm saving so much time that can be spent having an amazing time with my sister! (2) I've already planned out a basic menu since Kate is totally cool with me cooking most of the meals - but I've also decided we're going to have one dinner out, because it's a mini-vacation and we can't just stay at home. And (3) I decided weeks ago that everyone is going to Molly's Cupcakes after the stairathon, and I am not going to feel guilty about that. There is room in my life for occasional treats - there absolutely has to be - I just need to make sure that I have ONE cupcake and not a dozen.

I'm hoping that by the time I bring Kate back to Midway next Tuesday morning, it feels like a victory. This is a test for spending a few weeks in December with my family - and even though this is like a 5k compared to the marathon that Christmas will be, I know that if I can maintain my resolve and stay focused this weekend, by the time December rolls around, I will be ready for whatever happens!


Jessica said...

Good job on planning out your weekend!

I am so glad to be doing the Power of 10 Challenge with you. When I first started I thought 10,000 steps would be no problem. But on days that I don't run outside or on the treadmill, I am really having to amp it up! So far I have hit 10,000 steps each day! Thank you for the motivation!

Amy said...

If you master the company squanders... you can do anything! I have such a hard time on weekends in general, when I have guests, stuff goes out the window. Your motivation is incredible, and your mindset is exactly where it needs to be. It's the little fall-outs that in the end always screw us over if we're not prepared for them.

The balance of life and celebration has to make it's way into our healthy eating somehow because we celebrate... we eat cake, we have guests and like to go out to dinner. Once we master doing this in moderation and not letting little indulgences throw us off our game - we can do anything!

Ann (-50 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Mary, you can totally do this!! Be sure to make a "kickstart" plan for the day after your sister leaves - something you do that puts you right back into the groove (NOT that you are getting out of the groove, but that gives you a few days of tighter control). Keep that momentum going!! You are so close to that 299 ... and you can kiss the 300s good-bye forever!! Congratulations on that, you've worked so hard.

Retta said...

The main thing is, you have a PLAN. And it sounds reasonable and doable, too. I'm excited for you, to be getting out of the 300's soon. You will totally do this!

sguidone said...

Ok, 1. your plan sounds great and I know you can stick with it- but feel free to involve me in any healthy moves if you need :)
2. I have learned from the Wii fit that I have no sense of beat at all, and I am totally jealous of your perfect rhythm! Hahaha!