October 5, 2010

The girl in the mirror

I have quite the collection of pictures of myself taken in mirrors. With viewing screens on the back of digital cameras, it's easy to check the reflection and make sure it's a good picture before snapping it.

amazing, i thought i looked fine at each of these phases
(There's about twenty pounds of increase from one picture to the next.)

It's funny, because I have always generally avoided mirrors since they made me face the reality of how big I was, but with a digital camera and the proper angles, you can focus only on the good parts.

I know I still have a very long way to go with my numeric weight loss, but I'm extremely pleased with the great strides I have taken so far to work on my self-esteem. I like looking at my reflection in the store windows as I walk my on my evening walk - I'm shrinking! I'm smiling a lot more - not only because I look better, but because I physically feel better - and having a positive attitude is absolutely contagious.

holy difference of 43 pounds, batman!
(Left picture is May 13. Right picture is October 3.)

Another great side effect from losing weight and getting more active is that I am taking much more interest in the care and keeping of my body. At 345 pounds, I figured that no one else was looking at me so why bother looking nice? Now, nearly fifty pounds lighter, I'm finally realizing that it doesn't matter who else is looking at me, and I should be looking nice for myself. I keep my nails neat and trim, I wear clean clothes and shower at least once every day, and I don't hide under big sweatshirts. I'm working so hard to get a healthy, more attractive body, and I want to show it off!

One silly simple change is my hair - I'm in the market for a flattering new haircut/style. I've always just bought the cheapest shampoo and conditioner because it didn't matter to me if my hair looked good, I always just swept it up into a ratty, unbrushed ponytail. Last week, I spent an extra buck and a half on Aussie Moist shampoo and conditioner, and, oh my goodness, it's amazing. My hair is soft! It feels healthy! And I love the way it looks! It's a small difference, maybe unnoticeable to anyone but me, but to me, it's phenomenal. My entire world is feeling different ... and I love it.


Allan said...

Your photos are inspiring, and yes it is time for the hair. Very cute, get a cute haircut !!! Great stuff, and thanks for the morning..

Jessica said...

You are doing Amazing! Those pictures look like two different people. Keep going :)

Amy said...

Wow! You look amazing! You look like you've lost A LOT of weight, and you can certainly tell your body is so grateful.
Keep up the good work :)

Ann (-50 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Your physical change is fantastic! And your attitude change is just a gorgeous ...

Keep up the good work! As Amy said, "Wow!"


Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing! Yay! I'm so excited for you!

You know, you are absolutely right about looking good for yourself. Dress nicely, do your hair, put on a little makeup, wear clothes that fit and don't do it for anyone but yourself! Your confidence will show to others and your smile will be contagious!

This past Saturday I went out with a group of friends and my fiance and I've always been the girl to get dressed nicely, always do my hair and makeup, pick out the jewelry, etc. Apparently, everyone was waiting on me so we could all leave for the club after I told everyone that I'd meet them there. But they insisted on waiting and once we got there my friend said "Who are you trying to impress?" And I said "Everyone." Just because I want to look nice, doesn't mean I'm trying to get hit on or impress anyone. I am doing these things for myself and that is the right attitude to have!

Keep it up! You're doing a fabulous job!

jayme @ Losing Half My Weight said...

This is absolutely fantastic!! Way to go Mary!! I'm so excited for you! You're doing fabulously!