October 10, 2010

Drop dead gorgeous

My positive sign for the week:

it's true!
I need to keep this in mind, especially when the going gets tough, which it has a lot lately. I am stronger than I think I am, more than I give myself credit for.

Challenge start weight: 332
Current weight: 297

Looking forward to working my way through a whole new set of numbers!

Progress on my DDGbG goals: This week's recipe was an amazing lentil and onion soup that I found via a defunct blog [ link to the recipe here ].

I made a few substitutions, per usual - since I'm not vegan, I subbed out vegetable broth (which I could not find a low sodium version of) for 1 part water, 2 parts low sodium beef broth. I didn't feel like buying pearl onions, which cost eight times what the others cost, so I doubled the sweet onion (and used the written amount for the red onion). I also only had quick lentils on hand, so I cooked it for 30 minutes instead of 2 hours. Delicious! And also good cold, which was great because the temperature was in the 80s this week! Ridiculous.

ONE thing that you are proud of for the week: Keeping up with my stairathon training, even when I was tired and stressed. Really looking forward to the event later today!!!

ONE thing that you can improve upon for the following week: Not letting bad days get to me. I was so easily discouraged this past week for some reason. This week WILL be different!


Allan said...

It will take time, but you are doing fantastic...

Joy said...

I love the picture of you and I love the postcard. You can be all of thos things. I believe in you!!!

Keep up the great work!!


Julie Lost and Found said...

LOVE the positive sign!!! writing that down! Good job!

Josie said...

oooh, a stairathon? Sounds interesting! Love the pic. Keep up the good work!