October 28, 2010

Day of rest

This past spring, I was finishing up my Masters degree, teaching, and working as the program director's assistant (making exams and syllabi, all that fun creative stuff I secretly love!). It was great, but exhausting. So at the beginning of this semester, I decided that, as an adult in my first full-time teaching job, I wanted to commit to being in the office 9-5 Monday through Friday, and to not take any of my work home.

And for the first nine and a half weeks of the semester, it worked!

The past few weeks have been really busy, and the work has been piling up. I brought a big pile home on Tuesday and stayed up until 1am working on it, then passed out on the couch until the alarm went off at 5am to keep working. It's nothing compared to my awful sleep habits from grad school (like when I stayed up for three straight days when I had to finish my annotated bibliographies for my research - my diet was essentially takeout and Red Bull, the thought of which makes me feel pretty gross right now), but still, one of my favorite calorie burning activities has become making sure I sleep eight hours a night. It does wonders for my daily attitude and energy.

So last night, I decided to take the night off of the gym (I've been going lately even on days when I'm not schedule to run for C-to-5k because I just like it!) and relax a little. Plus, I desperately needed to tidy up my apartment, which wasn't disastrously messy, per se, but felt a little chaotic - unsorted mail piling up, a basket of clean laundry from Monday that I was too tired to fold and put away. a real escargot - les halles, paris, FRI took care of everything, did a mud masque, ate sugar free cherry lime Jello that I made (put it in individual cups to control portions - so yummy!), and was in bed by 10.

And this morning, I feel incredible! Refreshed! Renewed! Simply amazing. I like that, while part of taking care of myself is eating well and exercising (which I can handle pretty well these days), another part is recognizing when I need to rest and enjoy some "me time" that doesn't involve me sweating away on an elliptical machine, holding a Wii remote and nunchuck while standing on the Balance board, or racing my way around a track.

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can do for yourself!

Unrelated: a great NSV yesterday! A girl I work with told me that she saw someone that morning walking out of our office building that looked familiar, and when she looked closer, she realized it was me - she said it was crazy how different I'm looking now than I did at the beginning of the semester! I couldn't stop grinning.


Jessica said...

Love the NSV! A little "me time" does the soul good!

Amy said...

Amazing NSV! I used to HATE when people noticed I lost weight in high school because I majorly suck at taking compliments... but now I love hearing it. Except I'm not at a noticeable point yet.

Side note: I also love doing all that work you said you were doing with your directors job. It's kind of sad that I love doing assistanty stuff... some of my favourite things to do with my job are formatting documents, designing tables/logic models and creating surveys. haha!

Time for yourself is SO key... and it's so true how important sleep is. I've missed the gym this week because I've been lacking too much sleep (Monday night I didn't sleep at all because of my meowing cat in heat).

Christine said...

What a great NSV!
And what a great, relaxing day that you had! How wonderful! Sometimes relaxation is exactly what your body needs. I hope you can approach the next few days--and the weekend--with a smile and enjoyment on your face!