September 1, 2010

Wii Fit (Or, Celebrating Meeting My First Goal!)

(Side note: it is not easy to take pictures of your TV!)

I have decided on a dozen short-term goals in between my starting weight and long-term goal weight - I am hoping it helps me keep on task. In the past, I've always felt so overwhelmed by the "bigger picture" of how much weight I have to lose, that I lost sight of my progress and successes. even my Mii has a potbellyNow, I'm taking it 25 pounds or less at a time. And as of last Friday, I met my first weight loss goal.

My first mini goal was to lose enough weight to finally use the Wii Fit that my parents got me for Christmas. My sister had used it when we first got it, but when I tried, it told me I weighed too much. I was heartbroken, and we folded up the balance board and never opened it again.

Until now!

On Saturday, after my walk at the park, I unpacked the balance board, put the game in the console, and got on again. I was worried that my weight may have fluctuated back up for whatever reason, but as I got on to register my Mii, it not only worked, but showed my weight as even lower than at my weigh in! Hooray!did I lose more weight already?

I did a hula hoop activity quite a few times - super fun! And I liked the step activity where you step on and off and to the side of the balance board. I'm still very weak at the weight training activities - but that will improve, I'm sure.

I know the Wii Fit is not the cure all for my exercise problems - I'm still going to keep walking, and I'm going to go to the gym once I get my first paycheck. But this is a good thing to have for rainy days, or when I have excess energy and I want to get it out somehow. Mainly, though, I'd like to use it for yoga in the morning before work. I think it would help me with my balance and it would be a great start to my day. Yoga is something I've always been really interested in but I didn't think I could do most of it because my body's range of motion was so limited. But I've been doing some of the things on the Wii, and there are a lot of poses that I can do even now!


Allan said...

Rock on !!!

Ann (-50 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Congratulations!! I am so excited for you, that you reached that first mini-goal!! Hey, I know nothing about the Wii, but knowing there is a fitness wii-thingy may just make me go to Best Buy and check it out. It will be nice for the winter months, when I use the "too cold" excuses. haha Does it hook right into the TV, or do I need a DVD player/recorder? That BMI will come down quickly, watch. Keep up the good work, and congratulations again on reaching your very first goal (AND for getting to use the Wii now too). xxox

Jessica said...

I love using the wii on days when I don't feel like going to town (my gym is 45 mins from my home).

Mary said...

Ann: I believe the Wii itself plugs right into the TV, and the balance board for the Wii Fit is cordless (works like one of the remotes). I don't think you need a DVD player or anything else like that.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Mini-goals help you achieve the bigger picture goals. I know myself when I look at losing 100+ pounds it can seem overwhelming, but the smaller achievements keep you moving forward. Yeah you!