September 14, 2010

Why didn't we listen?

I love vintage advertising - print, radio, TV, everything. I really like food ads - it's really interesting to see the evolution of commercials. Someday I'd like to write a book on the history of food advertising and its relation to obesity in America (trust me, there's more than enough material!).

I also really like vintage public service announcements. It's fascinating to see how the good intentions of the past have panned out into the state we're in today, with obesity at an all-time high.

Take this one for example - trying to convince people to slow down and enjoy their meals:

It's obviously aimed at kids - did they foresee them growing up and becoming the generation that wants everything yesterday? We're a country that loves fast food because it is just that - it is quick, and it passes for food.

I love this one, too - telling us to take it easy on the condiments:

I don't think most people consider their calorie-heavy sauces and dips when sizing up the nutritional value of a meal. I used to see this a lot in college - these girls would think they were making a smart choice by choosing the salad bar over the hot lunch line, but the salad becomes just as bad when it's covered in shredded cheese, croutons, ham chunks, and salad dressing is poured all over it all!

This one is alright - the message is not to make a healthier choice, but for kids to eat fruit while watching TV because it's less noisy than chips:

I think the best one, though, is this one:

This is something I've always struggled with too. I've talked extensively about bingeing and using food as my punishment - but it's also all too often been my reward. Getting good grades on report cards meant Mom would bake a cake or take us out for ice cream - and I was always a straight-A student. Even with weight loss, my incentives have always been "just lose 20 pounds and then you can eat X as a reward for all your hard work!" Why would I want to reward myself with exactly what got me in this mess in the first place?!

Now, I am thinking about non-food rewards for hitting weight loss goals. Things to help better my life - like a flattering new outfit, or finishing my tattoo on my arm (it's just outlined now, needs color!), or a weekend getaway, or finally getting a ukelele and learning how to play!

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Katie Warren said...

I love all the videos in this post. I even went and looked for more. What's sad is I was a child of the 80's and don't remember any of those adds, but then I saw one of the old tootsie roll comercials and could sing right along. =( You can see where I focused my energy as a child!

<3 Katie