September 7, 2010

Ten, ten, ten

When I was in high school (or maybe it was college), I got the idea that I wanted to get married on 10 October 2010. It's pretty tacky, I know. I think I was mostly in love with the idea of getting married in mid-October since autumn is my favorite season.

Now, as we're just over a month away, I'm no closer to getting married than I was back then. I'm kind of glad I'm not, too, because I am really loving my life right now - relishing the first year since I was 4 that I'm not a student, working hard, hopefully traveling, and genuinely just enjoying life. But I'd like to do something out of the ordinary on 10/10/10.

Cue the 2010 Chicago Marathon.

the date to motivate
At this point, I'm more likely to get married on 10/10/10 than run the Chicago Marathon, and I'm as single as can be. I would like to run a marathon eventually - it's one of my long-term weight loss/life goals. But this year will not be my year. I haven't trained, and I'm still extraordinarily out of shape.

So I've been thinking ... nooo! you're going the wrong way!a marathon has 26.2 miles ... my office building has 28 floors, with stairs starting on level 3 ...

I'm going to climb my building.

I'm not going for speed, just completion (though my unofficial goal is to finish in under an hour). And I've got a few girls from work who are going to participate as well (the company will be nice, but my biggest concern was dying in the stairwell and no one finding me for days). UHMy kid sister will also be in town that weekend, though she doesn't know it yet (surprise!), so it will be great to have her there as well.

The slogan for the 2010 Chicago Marathon is "10-10-10: The Date to Motivate." I love it! I'm not sure of a slogan yet for my ... stairathon? (So cheesy.) But I totally feel motivated to step up my weight loss and work on phase two, getting more active. I've been walking, which is great and fairly low intensity. And I've been "training" for the stairs, doing 5 floors at a time this week. But I need to get back into working out for real. I can start going to the gym next week when I finally get my first paycheck in three months! Definitely looking forward to that.


Jessica said...

What a great challenge for yourself! I wish I were there doing it with you :)

Ann (-50 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

I love it!! Hey, climbing stairs is a "real" workout ... if it doesn't feel like one, add a flight or two. LOL I never thought of 10-10-10 ... we won't see that again. Keep up the good work, and put that paycheck to good use! xxox

Jessica said...

There is an award for you on my blog :)

Retta said...

What a fun goal. I like how instead of feeling down about not realizing a long goal of that special day on 10/10/10, you decided to make a fun new goal.. I really admire that kind of thinking!

I love your Stair-a-thon idea! I even like the goofy name, LOL! I remember years ago reading about a guy named Steve Silva who lost a whole bunch of weight (I forget now, maybe a couple of hundred pounds??) and his main form of exercise was stair-climbing. He eventually went on to climb the Empire State building, and set some kind of record.

But the main point is, it is fantastic exercise! You are lifting your own body weight with each stair step. I'm excited for you! Be sure to bring a camera to the big event... we want pics! LOL!