September 17, 2010

Roses and thorns

"TGIF" has finally gained meaning now that I work full-time! When I was a student, Friday meant the end of the week and no more classes, but tons of homework to make sure you were ready for when it all started up again two days later. But now that I'm working, Friday is the day to wrap up loose ends that can't wait 'til Monday, then I get to come home, decompress a little, and enjoy two full days of not even thinking about work (or at least trying my hardest not to!).

I'm down another four pounds this week, for a total of 32 pounds gone forever! I'm at 313, and it's amazing to me. I've weighed less than this before, but I've never lost this much - the most I've ever lost was 27 pounds, then I gave up. So right now, my confidence is through the roof. I've done so much hard work, I'm seeing great results, and I'm only just getting started!

A few great roses for this week - for starters, I finally got my first paycheck! Which means going to the school gym soon, but also that I could buy a plane ticket for my youngest sister to come visit me in Chicago. She's my little twin - I'm four and a half years older, but everyone thinks we're twins - twins! katie and me, oct. 2008when she lived here with me, someone asked us at least once a day if we were. We could pass - physically, but also, we totally have the "twins brain" sometimes.

Anyway, back in June, I got us tickets to see one of our absolute favorite bands (Belle and Sebastian) in Chicago on October 11, and today I finally told her about them and then we booked a flight. She was so surprised! I'm so excited to see her - and, this also means she will be in Chicago for my stairathon! I'm really looking forward to having her support, but also to hopefully inspire her and show her what I am capable of after only a few months of hard work! Then she can go back to Connecticut and tell our family and hopefully they'll be inspired too, and then we can all work on this together! Wishful thinking, I know, but I have to try as much as I can.

Second, I signed up for the Chicagoland Race for the Cure! A friend of mine from work was telling me that her boyfriend's family puts together a team every year, and that I should join them - so I did! I'm not ready to run yet, so I registered as a 5k Adult Walker, and I am so unbelievably excited. Words I never thought I would say: next Wednesday, I have to go to New Balance on Clark Street to pick up my t-shirt and race bib. I'd been walking 1.5 miles a day before, and this week I upped it to 2.25 just by getting off the bus four stops early! This weekend I'll get it up to 2.75, and since a 5k is a little over 3 miles, I think by the end of next week I'll be just fine.

Third, I wore one of my favorite shirts yesterday - tight this summer, now amazingly loose. People at work are starting to notice! I also found a great (?) picture of me from this summer that shows just how big I got, and looking at me then versus me now? Amazing boost of self-confidence! (I'll share the picture once I hit my next weight loss goal - only seven more pounds! - and take a "progress" photo)

And fourth, I am absolutely in love with the Wii Fit Plus. I love running! And boxing?! I might be addicted. I'm great at it, and I love the developing feeling of muscle tone in my arms.

after a hard workout!

One little thorn for the week - I'm still having a hard time dealing with my food issues. Ideally, what I want out is to eat well, drink water or tea, and get lots of exercise, but also enjoy occasional treats. I want to be able to go out with my friends and not stress out over how many calories are in a cocktail - socially, this is a healthy experience for me, and I know I'll make up for it at the gym later. And I want to have a cupcake once in a while without having a serious guilt-ridden panic attack - I just need to make sure I don't eat a half dozen at a time. The good thing is, I really don't crave junk food anymore - the thought of a cheeseburger kind of makes me sick right now. I love how I feel when I work out and when I eat right. I love watching the numbers drop. Why would I want to hurt like that again?

To keep on track, I make sure I plan my meals in advance. I've done a great job with packing my breakfast/lunch for work - a yogurt for breakfast, a Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers meal for lunch, a 100/120 calorie pack for my afternoon snack, and plenty of water all day long. In the past, I haven't been able to buy those snack packs because I would just sit and eat the whole box. But these, I ate one a day! It's a huge success for me. After work, I have a little snack (a piece of fruit usually), then I go for a walk, then I make a sensible dinner. I write ideas for my blog, I do the Wii Fit, I read or talk to my sisters online, and then I hit the hay. The weekends are when I have a hard time, since I don't usually have a set schedule. My plan is to just keep busy and make sure I eat well, and that I eat from hunger and not boredom!

How was your week?


Ann (-50 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Congratulations on an awesome loss this week!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your week has been great! Good job on eating right and exercising! Getting off the bus 4 stops earlier was a great idea, and one I wouldn't have thought to do.

My week has been alright. Keeping up with the exercise and eating just fine. Hurt my lower back a little helping a friend move (her fiance decided he didn't want to get married so they split and she needed to move out). Lower back pain really makes exercising interesting!

Biking tomorrow morning, bright and early. Last Saturday I biked 9 miles in one hour, this Saturday I hope to to more miles.

Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good week!