August 20, 2010

Roses and thorns

What a week! End of week three for my new lifestyle changes and week two for my blog, both are going pretty strong, I think! Thank you for reading, I really appreciate having someone here to listen to my stories, and your comments are invaluable.

I'm down 1 pound from last week, a total of 13 pounds lost overall. ("But wait - didn't you say 13 last week!?" I'm bad at math. It's not the end of the world.) I'm pleased! After last week's huge number change, I'm glad things are evening out to a small but steady loss.

This week's thorns: giant bubble wand = coolest toy ever
I cheated. Last Saturday, I was kind of depressed and feeling lonely, and I knew there was a spinach and mushroom pizza in the freezer. I made it, ate the entire thing in maybe 10 minutes, then fell asleep. I woke up feeling bloated and sick, and even more depressed than before.

Roses for the week:
I didn't let it win. I just thought, What do I really want - a temporary high, or long-term results? And I got right back on track, eating well, drinking lots of water, and going for walks. In the past, I would see cheating as a failure, but I turned it into a learning opportunity. I didn't treat it as a defeat, and that felt really good. Like I'm really learning things, like I'm ready and mature enough to succeed this time!

Also fantastic - getting back to work this week. My job is going great so far, although I will say that one of the hardest things for me is relinquishing some of my old power. Last year I worked as the assistant to the program director, making exams and basically being the boss' right hand lady. This year, I've been hired "simply to teach" - yes, I am still a resource to the TAs, but I'm not the first or second person they should go to for help. I loved being "in charge" of certain things, being the lady with all the answers! I'm sure I'll appreciate the changes more once classes start and I have a new set of challenges to work with. Also great about my new position: a new office! postcard from johnny!Our nine TAs share one big office with wooden chairs and two computers; some of them even have to share desks (not usually a problem since most of them aren't all in the office at the same time). But with my new job, I am in a smaller office with two other lecturers and we each have our own desk, our own computer, and nice swively office chairs! It's silly, but I think that was one of the best things about my week! It really made me feel like an adult.

Since I haven't had a paycheck since school ended and we get paid monthly, my finances are a little tight until mid-September - I'm getting pretty good about budgeting, but this means I can't get a membership to the school gym for a few more weeks. To keep active in the meantime, I've been walking a few times a week - I'd like to walk every day, but I was busy a couple times this week, with training and all. Living in the city makes this all pretty easy - I walk two blocks north, four blocks west, two blocks south, and four blocks east. It's a mile and a half! Eventually I'll expand, but since I'm just starting, I'm okay with what I'm currently doing.

And finally - I got a postcard from my friend Johnny, who is currently spending a month in France! I love getting mail, especially postcards, so this really made my week.

How was your week?

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Jessica said...

I have had a rough week with exercise (or the lack there of) and food. We are going to be out of town this weekend, but I am ready for Sunday when I can be back in a routine!