August 23, 2010

Burnin' love

So, I spent all day Saturday with great company at the Illinois State Fair. I'm really pleased to say that I made good decisions all day - not an easy feat! fried what?!We hit the road pretty early, stopping after a little while for gas and breakfast. There were donut holes, breakfast sandwiches, and energy drinks - I anticipated this and prepared ahead, eating a yogurt before I left and bringing a Lärabar, which I ate a few hours into the ride. I chose the bar for its simple ingredients: dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon. Super delicious! I don't usually eat things like that except in situations like this. (I also used to bring them to nights when I would have class and wouldn't get home until 8! Odwalla bars, usually - they have a banana nut one that's amazing.)

When we got there, everyone wanted to take the chair lift from one side of the fair to the other. Besides my fear of heights, I was also worried about weight limits, so I opted to walk instead. I ended up beating them all to the other area! I had to walk through the main food area, so I got a good view of what I was up against. pizza on a stick - yikesYikes. Foot-long corn dogs. Fried cheese curds. Anything you could possibly think of-on-a-stick! Even chocolate-covered bacon! Just ... yikes.

We did a lot of walking (a great chance to burn calories!) and I made decent food choices, given the options. I went into the day knowing that I was going to enjoy the day without going crazy, and I'm glad to have stuck to that. I had a banana milkshake (amazing!), a thin slice of pizza for lunch, and a cup of sweet tea. I also got some taffy that I ate a couple pieces of and put the rest in the freezer when I got home. I politely declined the offers of tornado potatoes and bites of a corn dog. It doesn't sound like much, but it felt like a pretty big victory!


Jessica said...

Good job! My husband and I travel to quite a few minor league baseball games. I always try to plan ahead. Most concession I have gotten really good at avoiding, but I always allow myself a bag of kettle corn from one stadium. It is a treat, and I know I will only have it once a year, so I enjoy it!!!

Josie said...

Oh girl, you said it doesn't sound like much, but trust me...I know just how victorious you felt over your good choices! The fair has SOOO many temptations. You were prepared and READY and that made all the difference in the world.

ps. I love that you beat the others who rode in the lift! hehe